Phone Directory for Human Resources

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
#1) Human Resources Human Resources 403-356-4912 Fax: (403) 342-3161 hro [at]
Rhonda Anderson Administrative Officer, Benefits and Pension (403) 343-4020 rhondamay.anderson [at]
Lisa Barnard Administrative Officer, Payroll (403)343-4079 Lisa.Barnard [at]
Kristin Edgar Human Resources Assistant (403) 342-3273 Kristin.Edgar [at]
Kelly Eufemia Human Resources Consultant (403) 342-3199 kelly.eufemia [at]
Eileen Green Administrative Officer, Payroll (403) 342-3339 [at]
Elaine Hubert HRIS Consultant (403) 356-4942 elaine.hubert [at]
Shawna Jones Payroll Coordinator (403) 314-2402 shawna.jones [at]
Lesley Kendall Vice President of Human Resources (403) 342-3422 lesley.kendall [at]
Rebecca LeLievre Human Resources Consultant (403)356-4883 rebecca.lelievre [at]