Phone Directory for Office of the Registrar

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Shaun Craig Coordinator, Assessment & Articulation Services (403) 342-3219 shaun.craig [at]
Jeanette Ferguson Coordinator, Student Records (403) 343-4032 jeanette.ferguson [at]
Marnie Frere-Seelen Student Information System Coordinator (403) 342-3184 marnie.frere-seelen [at]
Sandra Frost Registrarial Services Assistant (403) 357-3613 sandra.frost [at]
Marc Gervais Admissions and Registration Specialist/Reg Srvs Asst (403) 314-2412 marc.gervais [at]
Brenda Hansen Administrative Coordinator, Office of the Registrar (403) 342-3498 brenda.hansen [at]
Jenni Imeson Scheduling Coordinator (403) 342-3469 jenni.imeson2 [at]
Lorie Krauss Administrative Assistant (403) 342-3593 lorie.krauss [at]
Rosanne Lamoureux Registrarial Services Assistant (403) 342-3587 rosanne.lamoureux [at]
Emily Langevin Student Funding & Awards Generalist (403) 314-2471 emily.langevin [at]