Phone Directory for Early Learning & Child Care

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Marjorie Cole Instructor n/a marjorie.cole [at]
Heidi Greenhalgh Instructor na heidi.greenhalgh [at]
Melissa Johnson Instructor n/a Melissa.Johnson [at]
Toni Lachance Instructor na toni.lachance [at]
Lois Maplethorpe Instructor, Early Learning and Child Care Program 403 342-3221 lois.maplethorpe [at]
Nicole Morrell Instructor 314-3423 nicole.morrell [at]
Donna Morrison Instructor na donna.morrison [at]
Marla Newton Instructor n/a marla.Newton [at]
Lisa Palmer Instructor 342-3113 lisa.palmer [at]
Shauna Philip Instructor, Early Learning and Childcare Program (403) 342-3425 shauna.philip [at]