Phone Directory for Career and Academic Preparation

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Gail Brunner Department Chairperson, Career & Academic Preparation (403) 343-4006 gail.brunner [at]
Denise Chiles P/T CAP Biology Instructor (403) 314-2423 denise.chiles [at]
Sue Edwards Program Assistant, Career and Academic Preparation (403) 343-4086 susan.edwards [at]
Shauna Garrow CAP Physics Instructor LOA shauna.garrow [at]
Tom Gwin CAP English Instructor (403) 343-4048 tom.gwin [at]
Charissa Hassel CAP Math Instructor (403) 342-3207 charissa.hassel [at]
Laura Lindsay P/T CAP Math Instructor (403) 343-4051 laura.lindsay [at]
Dr. Ibrahim Matar Briman P/T CAP Chemistry Instructor (403) 342-3517 Ibrahim.Briman [at]
Tim McNeil P/T CAP English Instructor (403) 343-4026 timothy.mcneil [at]
Charles Mowat CAP Biology/Chemistry Instructor (403) 342-3197 charles.mowat [at]