Phone Directory for Campus Management

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
#1) Shipping and Receiving Shipping and Receiving (403) 342-3470 shippingandreceiving [at]
Campus Management Campus Management campusmanagement [at]
Rob Chilcott Security Supervisor (403) 343-4081 Robert.Chilcott [at]
Matt Costain Project Coordinator (403) 342-3435 matt.costain [at]
Ian Douglas Building Systems Coordinator (403) 314-2468 ian.douglas [at]
Linda Feddes Horticulturalist (403) 343-4077 linda.feddes [at]
Cydney Howey Office Assistant, Materials Management (403) 356-4869 cydney.howey [at]
Randy Kirk Material Management Aide 403-357-3645 randy.kirk [at]
Lene Larsen Horticulturist (403) 343-4077 lene.larsen [at]
Kathleen Lindsay Facilities Coordinator (403) 342-3229 kathleen.lindsay [at]