Phone Directory for School of Continuing Education

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
#1) Continuing Education Continuing Education Inquiries: (403) 356-4900 Registration: (403) 357-3663 continuingeducation [at]
Kirsten Cotton Program Assistant, Corporate Training (403) 342-3504 kirsten.cotton [at]
Elaire Frenette Program Coordinator - Computer and I/T Training (403) 342-3433 elaire.frenette [at]
Tracey Gall Fitness and Wellness Coordinator 403-357-3681 tracey.gall [at]
Serena Gero Administrative Assistant (403) 356-4900 serena.gero [at]
Rodney Holt Associate Dean (403) 342-3550 rodney.holt [at]
Joyce Howdle Performing ArtsProgram Coordinator (403) 342-3526 joyce.howdle [at]
Leanne LaBrash Program Coordinator - Career Development 403-314-2469 leanne.labrash [at]
Cathy Lalchan Program Specialist 403-356-4945 cathy.lalchan [at]
Leslie LaVigne Program Assistant - Career Development and Fitness/Wellness 403-356-4864 leslie.lavigne [at]