Phone Directory for Counselling and Career Centre

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
#1) Counselling and Career Centre Counselling and Career Centre (403) 343-4064 Fax: (403) 342-3424 counselling [at] employmentservices [at]">counselling [at] employmentservices [at]
Michelle Brown Career & Employment Services Consultant (403)343-4097 Michelle.Brown2 [at]
Brittaney Davies Campus Connections Coordinator (403)342-3205 Brittaney.Davies [at]
Ann Garrett Career and Employment Coordinator (403) 314-2476 ann.garrett [at]
Stephanie Hanna Community Helpers Program Coordinator (403) 342-3205 stephanie.hanna [at] ">stephanie.hanna [at]
Heather MacLean Counsellor (403)342-3236 Heather.MacLean [at] ">Heather.MacLean [at]
Tina Parton Administrative Assistant - Career & Employment Services (403)342-3209 tina.parton [at]
Sharon Poole Manager (403) 342-3338 sharon.poole [at]
Suzanne Rosebrugh Counsellor (403) 342-3280 suzanne.rosebrugh [at]