Phone Directory for Bachelor of Science

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Sue Edwards Program Assistant, Bachelor of Science, Engineering (403) 343-4086 susan.edwards [at]
Warren Elgersma Chemistry Instructor (403) 343-4052 warren.elgersma [at]
Dr. Kristy Erickson Chemistry Instructor (403) 342-3381 kristy.erickson2 [at]
Karen Fitzgerald Chemistry Lab Technologist (403) 342-3108 karen.fitzgerald [at]
Brittaney Frank Biology Instructor (403) 342-3386 Brittaney.Frank [at]
Dr. Bob Gosselin Physics Instructor (403) 357-3683 bob.gosselin [at]
Dr. Robbie Halonen Physics Instructor (403) 342-3385 robbie.halonen [at]
Brad Hamilton Chemistry Instructor (403) 342-3212 brad.hamilton [at]
Dr. Malin Hansen Biology Instructor (403) 343-4055 Malin.Hansen [at]
Alexander Howse Math Instructor (403) 342-3214 Alexander.Howse [at]