Phone Directory for Bachelor of Science

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Dr. Jason Anderson Department Chairperson / Chemistry Instructor (403) 343-4053 jason.anderson [at]
Dr. Roberto Bencivenga Math Instructor (403) 342-3168 roberto.bencivenga [at]
Travis Boblin P/T Math Instructor (403) 342-3525 Travis.Boblin [at]
Dr. Ibrahim Briman P/T Chemistry Instructor (403) 342-3386 Ibrahim.Briman [at]
Dr. Ryan Butler Biology Instructor (403) 342-3110 Ryan.Butler
Michael Chi P/T Math Instructor (403) 342-3404 Michael.Chi [at]
Patrick Conner Math Instructor (403) 342-3287 patrick.conner [at]
Cathy Davis Chemistry Lab Technologist (403) 342-3549 cathy.davis [at]
Mary Demarsh Biology Lab Technologist (403) 357-3667 mary.demarsh [at]
Sue Edwards Program Assistant, Bachelor of Science, Engineering (403) 343-4086 susan.edwards [at]