Phone Directory for Bachelor of Education

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Shauna Bruno Instructor na shauna.bruno [at]
Alan Cooper Instructor na alan.cooper [at]
Brent Galloway Instructor, Bachelor of Education Program (403) 357-3634 brent.galloway [at]
Edie Heavin Instructor na edie.heavin [at]
Sandra Irving Instructor na sandra.irving [at]
Dr. Robert Nellis Instructor, Bachelor of Education Program (403) 342-3215 robert.nellis [at]
Philip Penner Instructor na philip.penner [at]
Krista Schultz Instructor 403 342-3356 krista.schultz [at]
Brice Unland Instructor na brice.unland [at]
Penny Vollmin Instructor na penny.vollmin [at]