Phone Directory for Music

First Name Last Name Title Phone Email
Jim Bicigo Music Instructor (403) 342-3527 jim.bicigo [at]
Sharon Braun Conservatory of Music 403-342-3540 sharon.braun [at]
Shannon Frizzell Music Instructor/Classical Guitar (Part time) (403) 342-3569 shannon.frizzell [at]
Dr. Karen Gustafson Music Instructor 403-342-3527 karen.gustafson [at]
Joyce Howdle Music Instructor/Clarinet (Part time) (403) 342-3526 joyce.howdle [at]
Val Sherman Music Instructor n/a valerie.sherman [at]
Ruston Vuori Music Instructor/Piano (403) 314-2418 ruston.vuori [at]
Sui Fan Wong Head of Audio/Theatre&Entertainment Production Instructor, Music (403) 342-3104 suifan.wong [at]