Scholarly Activity Award Recipients

Red Deer College is committed to life-long learning and to advancing research and scholarly activity in our province. At RDC scholarly activity goes far beyond the traditional limits of academic research. Faculty are recognized for scholarly activity in four categories:
1. Scholarship of Discovery
2. Scholarship of  Integration
3. Scholarship of Application 
4. Scholarship of Teaching
Every Fall since 2006, RDC has publicly recognized faculty for scholarly activity.  In 2006, the College and the Faculty Association created an annual fund of $10,000 to recognize significant scholarly undertakings by faculty members.  Since 2011, we have organized a public event to recognize the significant contributions of our faculty. 
Each year, a jury comprised of members from the Recognition of Scholarly Activity committee selects applications submitted by faculty members with a broad appreciation of scholarship. Since 2006, the College and the Faculty Association created an annual fund of $10,000 to recognize significant scholarly undertakings by faculty members.

Congratulations to the 2017 Recognition of Scholarly Activity Award Winners

Articles “The Yellow Book: Reshaping the Fin de Siėcle” and “Oscar Wilde at the Shaw Festival (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada)”.
English Instructor | School of Arts and Sciences

Heather Marcovitch specializes in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century British literature. Her research focus is on Oscar Wilde, the early feminists known as the New Women, the writers of the English decadence, and late Victorian literary magazines. Her book The Art of the Pose: Oscar Wilde’s Performance Theory was published in 2011. She has written scholarly articles on Victorian and modernist literature and, with her colleagues at Red Deer College, has co-edited two collections of essays on television. She is currently working on a book on the 1890s literary journal The Yellow Book and on articles on its editors and contributors Henry Harland and Ella D’Arcy, and its publisher John Lane. She is also writing articles on bestselling 1890s author George Egerton.

Dr. Marcovitch also founded the Agora Undergraduate Journal in its current form and supervises a group of student editors each year, teaching them editing skills. She was the recipient of a Red Deer College Award of Excellence for her teaching and student mentorship.

Scholarly Work on Workshop Roundtable Discussion: Classroom Activities and Two (2) Conference Presentations: “Innovative Strategies for Teaching Financial Accounting in a College Setting” (co-presented with Randy Nicholls) and “Intro to Accounting: Smarties Activity”. 
Instructor | Donald School of Business

Leanne Vig has been an Instructor at RDC since 2009 and teaches primarily introductory accounting and income tax courses at the Donald School of Business. Her scholarly teaching focuses on active learning in the classroom and adapting her learning activities for the online environment. Leanne received a Howard Teall Award for Innovation in Accounting Education from the Canadian Academic Accounting Association for her Smarties activity. She uses Smarties and other activities (i.e. “hand trick”, dance videos) to demonstrate concepts in first year accounting courses. An alumni of RDC’s Business Administration program, Leanne obtained her Certified General Accountant (CPA, CGA) designation in 1999 and completed her Master of Business Administration in 2013. 

Shared Scholarly Work , “Interprofessional Communities of Practice: Fostering Resilience in Post-Secondary Students”.
Instructor | School of Health Sciences

Candi Raudebaugh is an instructor and chairperson in the Occupational and Physical Therapist Assistant (OPTA) Program at Red Deer College. Before she became an instructor, Candi worked clinically as an occupational therapist in mental health, outpatients, pediatrics, acute care, and other areas including her own private practice. In 2013, Candi started teaching at Red Deer College with the launch of the new OPTA program. In the 2015-2016 academic year, together with her research partner, Kristen Gulbransen, Candi completed a research project to explore the impact of interprofessional communities of practice on student resilience. 

Shared Scholarly Work , “Interprofessional Communities of Practice: Fostering Resilience in Post-Secondary Students”.
BScN Instructor | School of Health Sciences

Kristen Gulbransen is an instructor in the School of Health Sciences. She teaches in the Bachelor of Nursing Program and is in the faculty navigator role at the present time. It was a great fit to be a part of an interprofessional research team investigating resilience in post-secondary students. Candi and Kristen both recognize that student coping and resilience is an area of importance in their teaching practice. They used an appreciative inquiry approach and learned from students how they perceived being resilient in their Red Deer College education experiences. Kristen is committed to health care research and teaching and learning that makes a positive impact on our Red Deer College community and beyond.