RDC receives Community Inclusion Award from Inclusion Alberta

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Mon, 04/23/2018
RDC receives Community Inclusion Award

On Friday, April 13, Red Deer College received Inclusion Alberta’s Community Inclusion Award. The award recognizes RDC’s commitment to including students with developmental disabilities to pursue higher education through the supports of Inclusive Post-Secondary Education.

“It’s such an honour for all of us at Red Deer College to receive this award,” says Sharon Hamilton, Associate Dean with RDC’s School of Health Sciences. For more than 10 years, RDC has partnered with Inclusion Alberta to support students with developmental disabilities to achieve their dreams and pursue careers they are passionate about.

“The impact this program has on these students can literally change their lives, giving them purpose and the confidence to find employment and make a difference,” Hamilton says. “The Inclusion Alberta program has given them motivation and has helped launch them into a new future. It’s truly inspiring to hear what these students have accomplished.”

Hamilton and RDC representatives, Dr. Peter Fielding, Associate Dean in the School of Creative Arts, and Trevor Keeper, Kinesiology & Sport Studies Instructor and Kings Hockey Head Coach, received the award at Inclusion Alberta’s annual conference and reception. They were joined by one student who, through her time at RDC, has obtained her first job, participated in leadership activities and made friendships with her classmates.

Each year, four students with developmental disabilities are supported at RDC through the Inclusive Post-Secondary initiative. The students are enrolled in a range of different programs, and they are actively involved in RDC’s student life activities on and off campus. In addition, the students work for employers across central Alberta, including Red Deer College. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their experiences, helping to create a solid foundation and a clear focus for their futures once they complete their College careers.

The initiative also raises awareness about inclusion on RDC’s campuses, and it increases the College’s capacity to naturally support and include students with developmental disabilities. This benefits all students, as well as the entire College community.

“This initiative provides a wonderful opportunity for faculty and staff from across RDC to collaborate and learn more about including and supporting students with developmental disabilities,” says Fielding. “We take pride in creating a diverse and inclusive campus at Red Deer College, and this initiative is another great example of how we’re achieving this.”


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