Student Stories: Natasha

We love sharing our student success stories here at RDC! Donald School of Business student and local entrepreneur, Natasha, shares how her education and learnings at RDC has helped further the success of her company.

My name is Natasha Goodship and I am a 28 year old part-time business student at the Donald School of Business in Red Deer, Alberta, enrolled in the Business Admin Program. Business, marketing, and networking have always been at the forefront of my motivation. As a dedicated equestrian for as long as I can remember, I have always been most comfortable in jeans and muck boots! 

Learning from whomever and wherever I can is something I gravitate to. As an active equestrian, I have been fortunate to receive instruction from some of the top equestrian pros in the world. Along with my riding, the last few years have presented numerous opportunities to expand my knowledge even further. In 2011, I was invited to manage and represent one of Alberta’s finest facilities in central Alberta as a Facility Manager. In April 2015, the facility decided to revert back to being private, catering only to events. This change, along with four years of experience, gave me the entrepreneurial urge to continue with events planning, offering central Alberta riders the opportunity to learn with and from the best, under my own company, Mane Sport Co.

After a logo design and website launch, we kicked off Mane Sport Co. with its very first event held in November 2015, hosting one of the worlds most renowned and valued equestrian professionals, George H. Morris. The event went off without a hitch, with an overwhelming response, thanks to the help of many dedicated volunteers and sponsors.

But there is a bigger part to all of this than just the story of what Mane Sport Co. does and where it came from. A lot of the successes with my business is thanks to my education through the Donald School of Business. Being a business student has played a very important role in not only the development of my business but also in me as an individual. From academic knowledge in accounting procedures to marketing and advertising planning, business writing strategies to the interactions with students, group work and the exposure to other creative minds, the overall experience is a major business benefit. Having both the technical information and the social experiences are both equally very important. Who you meet here may very well be a part of your business ventures later.

What’s in the future? I plan to continue my education at the Donald School of Business for my Business Diploma, and in the more distant future I aspire to achieve my Business Degree. I have learned that there is so much growth in education, even beyond the books. It has been an exciting adventure and I would always encourage anyone to seek an education regardless of the avenue they find themselves going.  An education is something that no one can take away from you. Find what you’re passionate about and go after it! One of my favorite quotes is “What we learn with pleasure we never forget” - Alfred Laurier. It’s important to love what you study and do. 

-Natasha Goodship, RDC student and entrepreneur

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