RDC Theatre Society Helps a House in Need

Last month, the RDC Theatre Society hosted a fundraiser during the School of Creative Arts production, Shrek the Musical. The Theatre Society wanted to hold a fundraiser during the production to help out during the holiday season. From selling postcards, buttons and flags, the Society successfully raised $1000 towards the charity of their choice, the Ronald McDonald House Central Alberta.

In the past, the Theatre Society has donated to Ronald McDonald House on more than one occasion. “We talked it over and had a few other charities in mind, but Ronald McDonald House seemed like the best fit. It's a local charity in Red Deer, we can actually see where the money goes, and with Shrek being primarily a children's show, we thought it best suited the show,” says Lowen Carlson, Treasurer for the RDC Theatre Society.

After the Theatre Society donated the money, they were given a tour through the House by Maria van der Hoek, Special Events and Resources at Ronald Mc Donald House. On the tour, Maria shared the costs of the House: $170/night to host a family and an average stay length for a family is 6-7 days. “Our donation of $1000.00 almost covered all the costs of lodging a family with a child in crisis for 6 days. To me that is the biggest part about it, knowing how your money is being used and how it makes an impact,” shares Lowen Carlson. 

Pictured left to right: Maria van der Hoek, Special Events and Resources at Ronald Mc Donald House;  Bethany Monaghan, 2nd Year Theatre Creation student, who played Fiona in Shrek;  Lowen Carlson, 1st Year Theatre Production student, sound tech for Shrek. 

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