A Passion for Storytelling

For Cal New, the end game was always to get a film education. It’s just his role in the films that’s changed.

The filmmaker from Crossfield, Alberta, recently started his own production company but, when he first started to pursue his post-secondary education, Cal anticipated he’d be on the other side of the lens. “I always thought I’d be a full-time actor,” he says. “That was my original vision for my career.”

Cal was introduced to acting when he took the ArtsTrek program at RDC when he was in high school. After his grade 12 graduation, he took a year off to work before deciding to pursue his passion.

“I looked at a few different schools, but I had my heart set on coming to RDC because it was the best fit for me,” he explains. “I took a year of Open Studies and then auditioned for the Theatre Performance and Creation diploma program.” While taking his two-year-diploma, Cal learned about the importance of story and the art of storytelling. He also moved a step closer to his end game when he graduated with his diploma, and then continued on with the Motion Picture Arts – or MPA – Applied Degree program.

"When I was in the MPA program, I learned about equipment and about the technical side of production,” he says. “The instructors had a great approach in that they’d teach you, and they’d also let you teach yourself, so I got to learn in a way that suits my entrepreneurial spirit.”

During this time, Cal began to look at his future and he realized that he wanted the opportunity to be proactive and to create his own work. His focus shifted, and all of the elements he’d learned so far began to come together as he realized his true passion was in the production side of filmmaking.

Now, a year-and-a-half after his graduation, Cal has collaborated with other filmmakers and he has taken on his own projects, with stop motion animation being an area of particular interest for him. “That’s the beautiful part of having my own production company,” he says. “I’m involved in so many aspects of a project, from generating the idea to writing the scripts, building the sets and filming.” 

When he considers his career, Cal recognizes that his theatre teachings in storytelling are still at the heart of his work. “In the end, that’s what I am. I’m a storyteller.” 

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