Kathryn McKenzie receives Distinguished Alumnus Award at 2016 RDC Community Awards

Kathryn McKenzie has a vision to make the world a better place, and she is helping to do this by sharing stories of resilience and hope.  

Kathryn’s career path began at Red Deer College, where she was a student in the Transfer Program before obtaining her Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education through the University of Lethbridge. While at RDC, Kathryn won many awards, including Student of the Year in 2004, the Rick Gerard Memorial award for exemplary writing and scholarships for her athletic and academic achievements in her role as captain of the Cross Country Running Team. She was also an active leader in the Red Deer College community, sitting on Academic Council between 2002 and 2004, and founding the International Student’s Club.

After graduation, Kathryn began her teaching career, where she took great pride in coaching sports teams. She also created a training program for 150 students, helping them complete their first 5 km road race in support of the Calgary Food Bank. Kathryn carries a strong vision and helps students learn to achieve their goals while also giving back to their community.

Kathryn’s vision for a better world let her to found the Worldviews Project, an online platform for positive news that showcases leaders from around the world who are making their communities better. Kathryn, who has established herself as a voice for mental health awareness, uses her own experience with depression to teach others to shift their perspective from pessimism to hope. She was especially aware of the importance of hope for her students, as she felt the constant bombardment of negative news promoted fear and anxiety for youth, who are already one of the highest risk populations for mental health issues.

Through her own work on the Worldviews Project, and her work with students on the Human Voice Project, Kathryn has been involved with creating film documentaries, photo galleries, podcasts and stories that share messages of resilience and hope from local and global communities. Kathryn’s audience and reach have expanded far beyond what she could have imagined, and her work has made her a role model and inspiration in our communities and schools.

On May 18, Kathryn received the Distinguished Alumnus Award at the 2016 RDC Community Awards, in recognition for her personal and professional achievements, as well as public service. 

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