Alberta Health Services receives Community Partner Award at 2016 Community Awards

Red Deer College and Alberta Health Services have had a strong relationship since RDC’s Nursing program first began in 1968. The two organizations have partnered and collaborated on many projects and health care programs during this time, helping to educate and train many local students for a wide variety of careers in the health care industry.

Through practicum and clinical placement opportunities with Alberta Health Services, students have the opportunity to learn and develop their practice at AHS facilities and agencies throughout the entire central Alberta region. For students in the Nursing programs at Red Deer College, Alberta Health Services often partners with nursing faculty on specific projects for clinical environments, with the expectation that enhancing health outcomes for Central Albertans is a part of the project. AHS has been a strong champion of the nursing preceptorship program since 1982, where staff nurses work in partnership with nursing students helping them to successfully transition into the workforce. This work extends into our other health care programs as well, as AHS staff have generously served as field supervisors and preceptors.   

Discipline experts from AHS are often guest speakers for classes in Red Deer College’s health and wellness programs and on many occasions have shared their expertise by teaching part-time in these same programs. Alberta Health Services was integral to the establishment of the Medical Lab Assistant and Occupational Therapist-Physiotherapist Assistant programs, reviewing and helping to develop curriculum, working with RDC to establish practicum opportunities and providing input into the creation of the Occupational Therapist-Physiotherapist Assistant lab.

Alberta Health Services and Red Deer College walk together in helping students transition to their chosen careers. What began as a partnership in Nursing has expanded to include learning opportunities for students in a wide variety of programs including Pharmacy Technician, Kinesiology & Sport Studies, and Social Work, to name a few.

The strong partnership between Alberta Health Services and Red Deer College is a tremendous benefit for learners and for our communities, with students and graduates contributing to the health and wellness of central Albertans.

On May 18, Alberta Health Services received the Community Partner Award at the 2016 RDC Community Awards banquet, in recognition of their collaboration with the College on training learners throughout our region for almost 50 years. 

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