Committee Terms of Reference


Terms of Reference Template

Governing Body

Board of Governors

Governing Committees

Academic Council (Constitution and Bylaws) 

  • Academic Policy Committee - Page 19 of the Academic Council Constitution
  • Curriculum Committee - Page 21 of the Academic Council Consitution
  • Research and Scholarship Committee - Page 23 of the Academic Council Constitution

Deans' Council 
School Council
Service Council


Alumni Association
Foundation Board of Directors

Other College Committees

AUPE Professional Development *New*
Awards of Excellence Committee *New*
Benefits Advisory Committee
Biosafety Advisory Committee
Campus Store Advisory Committee *New*
Continuous Appointment Committee
CUPE Professional Development *New*
Educational and Information Technology Committee  
EIT PROMS Terms of Reference
Emergency Response & Business Resumption
Facilities Planning Advisory Committee 
Faculty Performance Committee 
Faculty Professional Development 
Faculty Workload
Health and Safety
Mandatory Instructional and Non-Instructional Fees Committee
President's Executive Committee 
Quality Improvement of Programs Committee
Quality Improvement of Services Committee 
Recognition of Scholarly Activity Committee    
Red Deer College 2019 Canada Winter Games Directorate *New*

Research Ethics Board (Refer to Section 7, pages 11 - 14)
Student Awards Advisory Committee *New*
Student Awards Selection Committee *New*