Faculty PD

Start Planning for 2017-18

August PD Days

August 23 & 30

Sessions are being planned with CTL, Distance Learning and Testing Services, Library Information Commons, other service areas and faculty. Some of the topics include: Windows 10/Office 365/Office 2016, PD and EFG Bootcamp, Changes to Testing, SGIF and Peer Observation Training, Mindfulness and faculty sharing ideas to liven up classroom instruction.

Kick Start the New Year with New Ideas!

Cup of coffee

Join your colleagues and reconnect over coffee at the August PD Days from 8:30 to 9 AM on August 23rd and 30th.

More information on August PD Days will be sent through email.

New for 2017-2018

  • All PD travel now requires a hard signature or electronic signature (sent from your email address with your email signature) indicating that you agree with the associated risk management statements. To avoid delays in processing, please use the new form and make sure it’s signed.
  • Group PD Event Funding is no longer restricted by a 40km radius. However, Group PD Event Funding still cannot be used for retreats.
  • EFG recipients no longer need to submit an EFG Feedback Form upon completion of their activity.

PD at a Glance

  • Individual allotments for full time faculty. Part time faculty are pro-rated based on workload with a minimum of $500.
Academic - $3000 Trades : $4200
  • Purchases of media (books and software) using Individual Allotments are capped at $2000.
  • Purchases of technology and tools appropriate to an instructor's discipline as taxable benefits are capped at $2000.
  • All technology purchases (including tools) are subject to the one application per year limit. Tools for use by students will not be approved.
  • Professional development activities no longer require the creation or submission of PD Profiles.
  • Intake deadlines for Extended Funding Grant Applications are 4 PM on:
Sept.15 Nov. 15 Jan. 15 Mar. 15 May 15
  • EFGs are capped at $10,000 per member per year. Education EFGs are capped at $5,000 per member per year.
  • EFG Awards are typically $5,000 a piece. However, activities that have exceptional value to the college or are from an under-represented domain of scholarly activity are eligible for up to $10,000.
  • Group on Campus grants are now called Group PD Event Funding.
  • Faculty are eligible for up to 3 Travel Grants per year at a maximum of $1500 per application. Part time faculty are not pro-rated.

Change to RDC Travel Policy

Faculty and staff travelling to the United States...

Daily meal maximums are now in USD instead of CAD.  For example, the daily meal maximum for travel to the US is $75 USD, compared to $75 CAD before this change. Incidentals are also in USD, at $10 USD per night. Bank of Canada exchange rates should be used for cash transactions and incidentals.

Maximum meal expenses in other countries and currencies are determined based on the most recent National Joint Council Rates.

Risk Information for International Travels

When travel is approved by the college it is "conditionally approved" depending on travel advisories.

Federal Travel Advisories

More information:

  • Health insurance is not available if you travel to a location under a travel advisory.
  • If travel becomes too risky, travel may be denied at the last minute. Uniglobe reviews the advisories and notifies travelers 1 week before departure.
  • Travelers may choose not to travel if concerned about the risk to a location without an advisory. However, reimbursement depends on airline and hotel policies

Faculty PD Consultant Drop-In Times for Fall 2017

Leanne Vig

Please contact by email

for appointment

Leanne [dot] Vig [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca

Bill Petrosenko

Please contact by email

for appointment

Bill [dot] Petrosenko [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca

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How do I use my individual allotment       How do I get additional funding
What can I do if I am part time   I want to present at an event
I want to attend a conference   I want to create an event at RDC
I want to buy technology or tools   I want to apply for sabbatical
What is happening on campus   Who can help me with PD


  • Forms for Professional Development are available on the Forms Index.
  • Need help with EFG applications or ideas for conferences, see our PD Consultants: Leanne Vig and Bill Petrosenko. Leanne can be contacted at Leanne [dot] Vig [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca. Bill can be contacted at Bill [dot] Petrosenko [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca.