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Dear Friends of the Arts,

The School of Creative Arts at Red Deer College is proud to present the 2016 2017 Creative Arts Season. Thank you for continuing to support our performances, concerts, screenings and exhibitions.

This year’s season offers the usual diverse range of offerings in music, film, live theatre and visual art. The thread that connects students in various disciplines together, whether they are composing a piece of music, sculpting a form in clay or creating a lighting design, is the commitment to telling stories.

Some of the stories we present this year are rooted in historical fact or lived experience. Others are interpretations that reimagine truth and experience, and some are pure flights of fancy that portray imaginary realms and alternative realities. Even the most imaginative of our stories contain a little piece of the authors, performers, artists and technicians that bring them to life… and in the words of Elle Woods “being true to yourself never goes out of style.”

Regardless of the initial spark for the tale and the format in which it’s presented, we as the audience long to see reflections of ourselves and the world around us played out on the stage, screen or canvas.

Thank you to the many contributors who make our season possible: audience members who attend events; parents, spouses and significant others who support our artists as they follow their passion; donors who create opportunities through facilities, equipment and scholarships; faculty and staff who guide and inspire; and of course our students who are taking the first steps towards long and rewarding careers as creative professionals.

We hope you enjoy this year’s stories.

Jason Frizzell
Dean, School of Creative Arts

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