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Dear Friends of the Arts,

Welcome to the 2015 2016 season of performances, concerts, screenings, and exhibitions with the School of Creative Arts at Red Deer College. We are glad you could join us.

What stories lurk behind the carefully planned brushstrokes of a painting, the endlessly rehearsed lines delivered by your favorite character on the stage, the setting of a film, the colour of light illuminating a prop, or the collection of notes played on a guitar? These are the questions our young artists pose in hopes that you, the audience, will discover an answer that rings true for your personal experience.

Behind every song, sculpture, prop, and scene is a commitment to the creative process. A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into writing, editing, rehearsing, making, and critiquing pieces before they ever make it anywhere near the stage, screen, or gallery. Our physical performance and exhibition venues are outstanding, but the work that takes place behind the scenes in our studios, labs, and shops truly embodies the creative process and the spirit of imagination.

Thank you to the many contributors who make our season possible: audience members who attend events, parents, spouses, and significant others who support our artists as they follow their passion, donors who create opportunities through facilities, equipment, and scholarships, faculty and staff who guide and inspire, and of course our students who are taking the first steps towards long and rewarding careers as creative professionals.

Thank you again for helping us write this year’s set of stories.

Jason Frizzell
Dean, School of Creative Arts

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