Green Campus

RDC is on the road to becoming a greener campus for a greener tomorrow.  The RDC Green Campus Task Group has one important goal: to inform and educate the College community of the importance of energy and water conservation and pertinent environmental issues. We establish targets and implement protocols for the reduction, recycling, and re-use of materials and implement programs to encourage the use of alternate transportation, increase recycling and improve energy conservation.


Alternative Transportation

  • Walking/Cycling - try it!
  • Carpooling - registered students and staff are eligible to participate in this Green Campus program. You can qualify for the incentives offered (1 free day in the College's public parking lots per month). Priority carpooling stalls have been created in designated parking lots also. If you are looking for potential carpool partners, check out
  • Transit - if you regularly use transit, but occasionally need to bring your car, register in the Green Campus program to be  eligible for one free parking per month!

Register for the car pooling program at RDC. Submit your car pooling form to RDC's Parking Office (located in the main hallway on main campus, in the Cashier's Office). Questions? Visit the Parking Office in person, or parking [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca (email us)

Recycling - RDC will strive to increase the amount of recyling done on our campuses

  • Bring your own mug
  • Recycle your own bottles
  • Other Recycling
  • Paper, Batteries, etc.

Energy Conservation

  • Water Conservation
  • Lights Out Program
  • Power Down Program

Reduce - RDC will strive to reduce the consumption of natural gas, electricity and power and decrease the impact on local landfills by implementing composting and waste diversion.

Do you have a suggestion for how we can help to make our campus greener? Here’s how to get a hold of us:

Jason Mudry
Director, Campus Management
t: 403.343.4051 | e: jason [dot] mudry [at] rdc [dot] ab [dot] ca