Fall 2013 eNewsletter

Today, a Running Student – Tomorrow, a Running NurseJordanna Cota courtesy of Stop Action Photography
As a lifelong Red Deerian, this “road runner” was happy to make the choice to stay in Red Deer for her post-secondary education. And RDC’s Nursing program, gives Jordanna Cota, a first-year student, the opportunity to stay put and fully complete her education at home if she chooses. Of course, running on RDC’s Cross-Country team is an added bonus. 

She’s a part of what RDC sets out to do – provide quality education in the communities people live, so they can learn here and live here.

Just into her first year at RDC, after graduating from Hunting Hills High School in Red Deer, she’s so far impressed with what she’s seen, heard and experienced. “Based off of the class sizes, the positive energy and great work environment, I fell in love with RDC.” Over the last 10 years, “seeing a college grow as much as this one has makes me believe the future for RDC is bright and encouraging.” Unbeknownst to Jordanna, it’s the students that enter our corridors that make our future even brighter!

Financial awards have played a role in her smooth settling into college life. “I received several scholarships, so I am able to pay for school on my own, with little help from my parents, nor the need to partake in any student loans,” Jordanna mentioned in settling on RDC as her school of choice. “Looking forward to the future, rather than paying off loans I will be able to invest in my own home once I’ve completed my education.”

I want donors to know the amount of respect I have for them is through the roof. If it wasn’t for each and every one of you, I would not have been able to fulfill my dream of being an athlete at the same time as attending school. I am able to pay for extra costs such as team trips and athletic gear. Also, being able to afford tuition without struggling to maintain a part-time job through the school year is enormous!”

Jordanna is overwhelmed by the gratitude of donors and she recognizes how much they’ve paved the way for her to achieve her goals. “Scheduling running and continuing to maintain an acceptable GPA is stressful at times, but with the help of the donors at RDC, it lessens the worry of financial matters. The life of a student would be unimaginable if it weren’t for the donors giving to RDC.”

RDC is happy to have her grace our classrooms and our running trails.

(Photo courtesy of Stop Action Photography)