Congratulations and welcome to our proud alumni Community.  

Since 1964, Red Deer College has assisted individuals in reaching their academic and personal goals. As a graduate of the College, you now become a member of one of the most respected, supportive and well-known clubs in central Alberta, the RDC Alumni Association!

As an alum, you can be exposed to great deals with our affinity partners and stay up to date and involved in the numerous activities that the RDC Alumni Association is involved with, both in and around the community.

We encourage you to stay connected.  No matter where you path has taken you, you will always be an RDC alumni.

If you haven’t done so already, we encourage you to update your contact information so you don’t miss a thing that happens at RDC going forward.

Follow our 1,2,3 steps below or go to and update your email, phone and address and start your journey as a proud RDC alumni.

Follow us on social media and most importantly, stay connected to learn about the many benefits of being an RDC alumnus!

Here are three things to take with you, wherever your path leads:

  1. This is your school.
  2. You are part of what made RDC what it is and can be part of what it will be, and most importantly.
  3. You are always welcome here.